20 Additional Staff Houses Are Handed Over To Health Workers In Mtwara

Health workers in Tandahimba and Nanyumbu District Councils located in Mtwara region have all the reasons to smile, after they were handed ten staff houses each council, to facilitate their stay at the remote health facilities. To date a total 50 houses have been given to health workers in Mtwara Region.


The CEO of Mkapa Foundation, Dr. Mkondya-Senkoro (right) cutting a tape to officiate the handover of the ten (10)

staff houses at Chingugwe Health Facility.Left is the Representative of District

Executive Director for Tandahimba, Mr. Emilian Rwegasira.

The hand over ceremony was held at the offices of the Tandahimba District Executive Director on 20th February 2013, whereas in attendance was the Tandahimba District Commissioner, Mr. Ponsiano D.Nyami among other district leaders. The CEO for Mkapa Foundation, Dr. Ellen Mkondya Senkoro handed over the houses to the Representative of the District Executive Director for Tandahimba, Mr. Emilian Rwegasira and elaborated that the objective of the project is to strengthen health care systems. She added “The aim of the project is to improve health services specifically HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. This is achieved through attracting and retaining health workers in hard to reach areas, where many of them are hesitant to go and work.” On his part Mr. Rwegasira said the District Council will make sure qualified health workers are timely available at the health facilities, where the staff houses have been built so that the local community benefit from quality health care services.


District Commissioner for Tandahimba, Mr. Ponsiano Nyami (left) giving certificate

of partial completion to the contractor, Namis Corporate Ltd

Dr. Senkoro further explained that late last year 30 staff houses were handed over to the health workers, “In December last year we were here in Mtwara with the Former President of United Republic of Tanzania, His Excellency Benjamin William Mkapa who handed over the first 30 houses for health workers in the District Councils of Newala, Mtwara Rural and Masasi. Today and tomorrow we shall hand over the remaining 20 houses to Tandahimba and Nanyumbu districts to make a total of 50 staff houses for Mtwara region”

The project funded by the Global Fund to fight against AIDS, TB and Malaria is being implemented by the Mkapa Foundation as sub-recipient to the Ministry of Health & Social Welfare. The project also recruits and trains health workers in 70 districts of Tanzania.

The 10 houses in Tandahimba District Council are built at the health facilities of Lyenje, Mkonjoano, Mangombya, Chaume, Mdimba, Chingungwe, Lipalwe, Lukokoda and Maheha.


On the left is the house built in 1954 which the health facility incharge is accommodated at the Mikangaula Dispensary, in Nanyumbu district . On the right is the newly constructed house for the same health facility.

Furthermore 10 houses were handed over to the District Council of Nanyumbu on 21st February 2013. The houses have been constructed at the heath facilities of Makong’ondela, Nangomba, Mikangaula, Mkumbaru, Lumesule, Nakopi, Mikuva, Maratani and Nandete.


(left picture). Chairman for Nanyumbu District Council, Mr. William Duwa handing over completion certificate for 10 staff houses to

Ag.District Executive Director for Nanyumbu, Mrs Mwajina Lipinga (right picture),

The houses are officially opened and handed over at Nangomba health facility in Nanyumbu district.

While handing the completed staff houses to the District Executive Director for Nanyumbu, Dr. Senkoro recognized the great work and expertise rendered by the Arqes Africa Company which was the Lead Project Consultant for the construction and also Namis Corporate Ltd, the contractor of the staff houses. While receiving the houses, Ag. District Executive Director for Nanyumbu Mwajina G.Lipinga reiterated, “Our aim is to retain all the health workers posted to work in our district, so that they offer quality services to the residents, hence these houses are a great value that will increase retention of health staff” .

Meanwhile, the Chairman for Nanyumbu District Council, Mr. William Duwa assured that his office will make sure all the health workers who will be assigned to utilize the house, shall also sign an agreement with the District Council to ensure accountability on appropriate housekeeping and being responsible for minor repairs, incase it arises.


Mkapa Foundation’s Program Manager for Health Infrastructure, Mr. George Magembe (second right)

elaborating the rain water harvesting system of the house.

Among the beneficiaries of the houses, a health worker at Mikangaula health facility was optimistic that he has a new house to live, so he will have no excuse not to offer quality health care services to the villagers, “It is my hope that now I have a comfortable new house to stay, then even I will become more productive in my work at the health centre.”


Edisa Mchopa (second right), registered nurse at Mitesa Health Facility in the new house.

(Right picture) Mji Mwema dancing troupe expressing their happiness of having 2 new staff houses in their village.

The Mkapa HIV/AIDS Foundation in collaboration with Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and other local and international stakeholders, have been addressing challenges of health workforce shortage, whose deficit stands at 48% in the country. In addressing this challenge, various projects have been innovatively implemented, with the aim of attracting and retaining health workforce in rural and hard to reach areas.


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